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These days, one of the common mistake fresh graduates and even professionals make not only in oil and gas industry but almost in every field, is that they don’t even know how to make a proper CV’s! Before we jump in to this article, let us ask you a simple question, do you know how to make a proper CV? If you don’t then we can help you by going to this link on how to make a better CV for ATS!

Not only that, with our technology getting better and so is our recruiter. Nowadays it’s really easy for recruiters or employers to hire a person or people in the most fastest and accurate way, they’re using ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Think of it as a robot, the software will scan the keywords of what the recruiters need using the AI(Artificial Intelligence) to know which candidate fits the requirement, in fact studies from several business and recruiter website saying that on average 75% of CV/resume sent to a company using the ATS software will not be read or viewed by humans! and also on average big companies get over 50 – 75 thousands CV each week, yes that’s a huge amount of CV’s!

In a nutshell, the ATS software’s basically a paradise to recruiters because they’re making it easy to recruit and at the same time ATS giving hell to the candidates, not only that you have to compete on paper with other candidates, but at the end of the day these candidates don’t even know if your CV make it through or not if they don’t know how to beat the ATS.

Still don’t know your way around this ATS (Applicant Tracking System)? Let us put it in this perspective, based on the same studies from previously mentioned names, on average a corporate jobs receives about 250 applicants and of those 250 people, 4-6 will be contacted for an interview. And to make it worse, 98% of large Organizations use ATS as their recruitment process! that’s why understanding of ATS is crucial to defeat ATS, create a better CV right now, do you want to get beaten by robots? we don’t think so!

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